Chapter 5. YaST Update

Table of Contents
5.1. Included files on the update medium
5.2. Workflow of the YasT Update

A YaST Update is a Update Medium that contains a directory with the name of y2update. The directory contains a file hierarchy identical to that under /usr/share/YaST2. It can be used to replace config files or YaST2 components from the CD with new versions.

5.1. Included files on the update medium

For a YaST Update only it is sufficient to have a directory y2update in the base directory ( see Section 2.1) of the Update Medium. Everything present in this directory before YaST starts will be used by the installer.

Example 5-1. Contents of a YaST Update Medium

                `-- suse/
                    `-- i386-8.1/
                	`-- y2update/
			    `-- clients/
			    |  `-- inst_software.ycp
			    `--	config/
				`-- groups.y2cc